What To Expect

What Will My Neuropsychology Testing Appointment Be Like?

Prior to your neuropsychology testing appointment, you and your doctor will start off with a one-hour “informational intake” session a couple of weeks after you first call us. We do these “get to know you” visits virtually because it’s so much easier on everyone’s schedule and it helps us connect with you more quickly. In that session, we’ll talk about the process, explain any questions you may have and start to understand the difficulties that bring you in. At that time, we will also explain what insurance requires you to pay because no one likes financial surprises. Then, if you feel like we are a good fit for your situation, you can make your in-person appointment at the end of your meeting.

What To Bring To Your Appointment

  • Please bring photocopies of available medical records, a list of your medications, reports from your doctors, any previous brain scans, and your doctors’ phone numbers.
  • Please continue to take your medications as prescribed. This includes medications for ADHD.
  • Please bring glasses and hearing aids if you use them.

The Day Of Your Appointment

For adults, your appointment usually lasts about 4 hours including breaks. For children, the process will take a little bit longer if academic assessment is needed. A lot of people are anxious when they first arrive, but this worry almost always subsides when they recognize how well things are explained and how relaxed the process is.

We begin with the interview to better understand your concerns and ensure that your doctor knows exactly what is worrying you. This is a very relaxed interview with one of our doctors lasting about an hour. This extended period of time together gives us the opportunity to really understand what your concerns are. The interview is also your opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

Then we spend the next couple of hours doing the neuropsychological tests themselves. These tests consist of a series of special puzzles, memory tests, questions, and paper & pencil tests that help us understand your unique pattern of cognitive functioning. Your doctor will guide you through the entire process, making sure that all directions are clear and that you are comfortable with the pace of the tests. For us to get the best quality data, it is essential that you feel comfortable with every aspect of the neuropsychology testing process, so we spend a lot of time ensuring that you can relax and feel at ease.

Rest assured, you may take a break from the testing whenever you need to. Because the puzzles and tests are challenging, you may be a bit tired when we are done. These tests will give your brain a real workout and they are how we can answer questions about what your abilities are.

Learning About Your Results Of Your Neuropsychology Testing

Two to three weeks after you complete the neuropsychology exam, you will meet with your doctor to go over your test results and receive our recommendations for your treatment. He or she will provide you with a clear, easy to understand explanation of how you performed and what those test results mean. Your doctor will also let you know what you can expect in the future as well as the most effective treatment options for your case. Loved ones are encouraged to join this feedback session and asking questions is encouraged. In addition to the feedback session, you will receive a written report. We also forward a copy of your report to the other clinicians who are treating you (with your permission, of course.)